How to Become an Installer

In the highly competitive field of solar photovoltaic installation, installers need to consistently capture increased market share and with that, there is a critical need for installers to stand out from the pack and differentiate their offering. With close to 4,000 solar panel installation firms throughout the US[1], and more coming on everyday, plus international firms operating in the US, competition is certainly fierce.In the US, 56% of installation companies compete with approximately 15-20 installers within their territory.  And homeowners, typically, receive quotes from 2-3 installers prior to making a decision[2]. Given the velocity at which this industry moves, and the aggressive competition that exists,the life span of the average installer can be hindered significantly, unless they have solid and strategic product partnerships in place. By becoming a Centrosolar Authorized Installer, we can help mitigate these factors and help grow and scale an installer’s business.

  1. By becoming an installer and partnering with Centrosolar, and investing in ourwide range of top-tier products, services and innovative technology,installers can quickly propel and expand their business.
  2. Installers will have the ability to offer homeowners a wide range of competitively priced solar systems, including racking and inverters, backed directly by us, the manufacturer.
  3. Centrosolar manufactures premium, award winning product leveraging its 23+ year German heritage, across the US and globally.
  4. Centrosolar modules are manufactured in the US, Europe and Asia, which allows us to offer price and product diversification.
  5. Centrosolar is American owned and operated; headquartered in sunny Scottsdale, AZ, with offices across CA, FL, NY and CT, allowing us to efficiently service installers locally, and meet installers’ needs real-time.
  6. Centrosolar offers hands on and ongoing Account Management support, by our extensively trained and dedicated management team.
  7. Marketing support, including use of Centrosolar Logo, promotional materials (eg flyers, brochures, branded merchandising) and social media mentions.
  8. Centrosolar offers its exclusive Ecosystem program, delivering on its promise of being the only solar PV manufacturer to offer a “one stop shop” to installers, large or small, across the US and globally. These benefits include, but are not limited to:
    1. Competitively Priced Product Supply and Diversity
    2. New business Opportunities/Leads
    3. Unique Financing Options
    4. Ongoing Sales &Marketing Support
    5. Best-in-Class Customer Service and Account Management Leadership
    6. Technical Expertise and Solutions
    7. Product and Engineering Support



Become a Centrosolar Authorized Installer



Call us at 877.348.2555 or email us at to learn more and join the hundreds of installers that have already joined the Centrosolar family.

*Must not have any outstanding judgements or liens
**Application approval completed within one week of submission

[1] ENF PF Directory 2015-2016
[2] Energy Sage’s Solar Installer Survey 2015 Results

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