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At Centrosolar, we deliver best-in-class modules with industry leading cell technology, meaning the demands of low cost and high efficiency technologies are no longer a tradeoff.  Centrosolar has always been committed to building solar modules that bring down system costs and the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) to achieve the best possible energy outputs in systems that are sustainable with high volume manufacturing processes.  Building on proprietary processes and our virtually integrated global value chain, Centrosolar is now among the first companies to bring PERC to market.

As one of the leading solar panel manufacturers, Centrosolar has an installed base of nearly 1 GW of modules installed at homes, businesses, and power plants. Centrosolar modules are trusted around the world for their performance, quality, and reliability. Our solar modules have gained an excellent reputation among global customers and offer numerous benefits:

  • Specified reverse current

    Low reverse current is achieved to lower the risk of hot spots for long term reliability.

  • Strict shunt resistance

    Enables solar modules to perform better in weak light.

  • Minimum power loss rate

    The patented technology enables the PV cells to absorb the most solar energy and maximize energy generation.

  • Low breakage rate

    Only highly qualified wafers are applied to minimize the breakage rate and achieve a high output rate.

  • Homogeneous appearance

    The appearance of the cells are strictly sorted for color uniformity of solar panels.

  • Great solderability

    The conductive materials blended in the bus bar are easy to be soldered.

  • RoHS compliant

    Environment friendly.

Multicrystalline Solar Panels

Our high-performing multicrystalline solar modules achieve an excellent module-level efficiency of up to 16.0%.  Used widely across solar projects for homes, businesses, and utility-scale power plants, these reliable, high-efficiency solar panels minimize installation costs and maximize kWh output.  Our modules are UL-certified for up to 1000 volts.

Solar Panel Multicrystalline
Solar Panel Monocrystalline

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

With our C Series PERC, Centrosolar is on the forefront of solar innovation.

Our unique PERC Series solar modules use an innovative cell design into production that includes Passivated Emitter Rear Cell technology (PERC). This technology has been developed for use on a monocrystalline platform by Centrosolar and is one of the crucial steps in allowing the production of solar cells with high efficiencies enabling us to deliver up 300 and 345 watts on a 60 and 72 cell formats, respectively. Our product development roadmap includes launch of higher power densities in the near future.

Higher module efficiency
reduces system cost per watt

Product delivery icon

Reduction of transportation cost 3.5%

Land icon

Reduction of land cost 3%

Installers icon

Reduction of installation cost 2%

Solar energy BOS icon

Reduction of BOS cost 1%


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