Home rooftop full of solar panels

Precis Solar & CentroSolar

Partnership solutions for solar installations on high-end residences

Precis Solar & Centrosolar Executes high performing residential system.

PROJECT: 16.8 kW rooftop solar power installation with 57 Centrosolar premium E-series PV modules on a beautiful, high-end 6000 sq. ft. 6 bedroom / 6 bathroom home in Riverside, California.

CHALLENGE: Right out of the gate, this project presented the challenge of meeting a tight delivery schedule, during the industry’s busiest shipping season, so the client could meet inflexible deadlines for the 30% Federal Tax Credit and rebates for Riverside Public Utilities, which were set to expire at the end of the year. Precis Solar was looking for a premium, high-performing system with the aesthetics that matched the quality and look of this high-end home. It was paramount to the homeowner that the design integrity of the house and the unique landscaping be respected, which meant giving special attention to engineering the array on the ‘old world’, real clay tile roof and working around shaded areas on the roof caused by adjacent trees.

SOLUTION: With warehousing facilities across the United States, Centrosolar was able to drop ship the required panels from New Jersey to California quickly in time to meet the year-end deadlines. “We were on a tight deadline getting this project off the ground, and Centrosolar America bent over backwards to deliver. And they did,” said Precis Solar President, Brian Hopwood. “Centrosolar played an integral role working as part of the Precis Solar team. Centrosolar America has a phenomenal attitude about performance. They were true partners throughout the entire project, delivering both the products and services needed to make this job a success.” said Hopwood.


Precis Solar installed Centrosolar’s E-Series solar panels on this beautiful Riverside California residence

Centrosolar America’s sales manager, Ben Poole, pointed to the partnership experience with Precis Solar as a great example of why ‘whole solutions’ are so important for successful installations. “Precis Solar is a very sophisticated, multi-dimensional solar company with a high degree of professionalism and expertise. They were able to take full advantage of Centrosolar’s resources—from warehousing and logistics to system engineering to installation and truly maximize the results on this job for their customer.”

This solar project will offset approximately 100 percent of the homeowner’s energy costs, saving them more than $414,000 dollars over the next 25 years, not including rebates, incentives and tax depreciation.


About Precis Solar

Precis Solar, a privately held solar energy products and services company was established in 1988 and is located in in California’s Inland Empire. With over 20 years of experience working with solar, wind and water energy systems, Precis Solar has completed thousands of both residential and commercial installations. Precis Solar provides consultation, design, engineering and installation products and services for the Southern California solar markets. More information at: www.precissolar.com.

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