We like to let our work speak for itself. We also know that you are intrigued, curious and want to learn more about going solar. We realize that going solar can at times be confusing, and often times, overwhelming. So, we developed a library of information, insights, news and images of some of our most recent projects, to share with you. To answer some of your burning questions on going solar, we also have a robust FAQ section for you to learn more about how to save money with solar and, of course, also save the planet!

Project Installations Photos & Videos

We love what we do.  And it shows.  Let us share with you some of our work. We think you’ll be inspired.


Our team is relentless in their pursuit of the latest news and latest and greatest in the solar industry.  And frankly, we love to share information and educate our customers.  How do we do this?  By providing current and relevant information, data and trends on solar, allowing our customers to make fact based decisions.  Read about all the going-ons in the solar industry in our newsletter section.  If you’re not yet subscribed to our newsletters, please take a quick moment and sign up!

Case Studies

At Centrosolar, our customers are our partners.  We get to know our partners intimately to understand what challenges they are trying to solve.  We work alongside them to develop solutions that are simple and that work.  We love to help our customers find customized solar solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.  And of course, often times there are great lessons learned along the way.  Come over and learn more about our customized solar PV solutions.

Johnson-Melloh Commercial rooftop full of solar panels
Home rooftop full of solar panels


Solar is more than an industry.  It’s the future of energy.  That’s the reason why we’ve created a blog to share with you our knowledge, insights and news about this passion, which we are lucky enough to call “our job”.


The solar industry has so many moving parts.  There is so much to learn and understand, it can be downright daunting.  Its expected that you would have many questions about investing in a Solar PV system for your home, business, school or government organization.  Our FAQ section is intended to find the answers you’re looking for.  If anything you are seeking isn’t already covered, please connect with us via email info@centrosolar.com or call us, and we would be more than thrilled to help answer any and all questions you may have.

Home Owners

1- What is the cost of going solar?

There are several factors that go into the cost of a solar array for your home, including the state you live in, the size of your electricity bill, size of your home, the direction your roof faces (South vs. North), and so on.

In most cases, it would be far more effective to speak directly with one of our solar professionals to get a better understanding of what it will cost you. Today, most anyone can go solar for $0 down (requires credit approval). Call Centrosolar and find out how you can start saving on your monthly utility bill right away.

2- Does Centrosolar sell direct to homeowners?

Yes, Centrosolar sells direct to homeowners.  We have an extensive and exclusive Authorized Installer network, in local markets, that work with homeowners on the entire installation process.

3- What areas does Centrosolar currently provide service?

We provide service across the US, and across the globe.

4- Will my solar PV system increase the value of my home?

Yes! The amount depends on the market conditions at the time you sell your home, the area of the country you live in and the amount of money you are saving. However, most homes will appraise anywhere from $5,000-$15,000 more.

5- Can I go solar for $0 (zero) down and if so, how would I go about it?

Absoloutey!   By calling us at 877.348.2555 or emailing us at info@centrosolaramerica.com, one of our sales professionals who will walk you through the entire process and explain further financing options available to you.

6- Will the utility pay me for surplus power?

Very likely they will, but it depends. Some utility companies will pay their customers for the extra power that is produced from the panels but it is dependent upon their company policies. To find out what the policy of your utility company is please contact Centrosolar today.

7- How long will it take to install a solar PV system on my rooftop?

In most circumstances, one of our authorized installers can install a new solar PV system on your rooftop in just one day. Please contact us to learn more.

8- Will a new solar system affect the integrity of my roof?

It won’t affect it at all. We install the panels on the frame of your home and not directly on the roof itself. Before doing this, our certified installers will review the information our site surveyor retrieved from your home and after approval you can rest assured that it can handle the weight load of the panels.

9- What size solar system do I need?

We will determine the final system size after one of our certified installers surveys your home.

10- Do I need permission from the local utility to connect my solar system to the grid?

Yes. Our certified installers understand the process that is needed to get your solar PV system operating. We will work with you to make sure that all paperwork and permissions have been filed before you go solar.

11- Will I have power during a blackout?

In order to satisfy safety regulations solar PV systems that are connected to the grid will automatically shut off during a power outage. The reason for this is to protect anyone working to get the power back on in your area. Since the panels are connected to the grid they would be back feeding power onto it and if someone down the road was working on the power lines he could potentially be electrocuted.

12- What is net metering?

Net metering is a process that counts the amount of kilowatt hours that your solar PV system produces.

13- Can my HOA or neighbors prevent me from installing a solar system?

Most states have laws protecting homeowners from their HOA declining them from installing a PV solar system. However, it is rare in states that don’t have these laws for an HOA to decline your home from going solar.

14- Is solar a viable option in cold climates?

Absolutely yes!  As long as the sun shines, solar is a viable option, in any climate!

15- What if I move or sell my house in the next few years?

Regardless of how long you’ll be in your home, it always makes sense to go solar. Financially, you will be saving money the first month you go solar and every month you are in the home. You’ll also be able to sell your home for more as a result because it is more energy efficient.  Lastly you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint by not using the energy that the utility companies currently provide.

16- What are the Solar Tax credits available?

Federal Tax Credits

The federal government provides tax credits that allow homeowners and businesses to subtract a portion of the cost of a solar energy system from the amount they owe in taxes. A tax credit is significantly better than a tax deduction because it is a dollar for dollar reduction in your tax bill whereas a tax deduction only reduces your taxable income. As a homeowner or a business, you will qualify for a federal tax credit equal to 30% of the net cost of your solar panel system. The net cost is what you actually pay for your system after deducting any cash rebates. For example, if the cost of your solar panel system is $10,000 after cash rebates, you will be able to deduct $3,000 from the amount you owe to the IRS (Federal taxes).


State Tax Credits

 Some states offer tax credits for installing a solar panel system. As a homeowner or a business, you will be able to deduct a portion of the cost of your solar panel system from your state tax bill. These amounts vary significantly by state.  Call us today to learn more.

17- What is the best way to pay for a new solar system?

Today, homeowners can pay for panels with a solar loan, solar power purchase agreement (PPA), solar lease, cash or as part of your mortgage, before you buy a new home.

18- What is the difference between a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Solar Lease?

A lease and a power purchase agreement are exactly the same except for one key difference. In both you get to keep a solar system for zero down, and both come with monthly repayments. However, while in a solar lease you have to pay a fixed amount every month regardless of how much energy the system produces, in a PPA, you pay per kWh of power your system generates.

Benefits of Solar PPA

A PPA is ideal for people who do not want to tackle the heavy upfront cost of going solar, and those who do not want to, or cannot utilize state incentives such as the 30% Federal ITC (Income Tax Credit).

You can enjoy a reduced and fixed electricity bill for the duration of the lease which is usually between 20 and 25 years, while the leasing company worries about keeping the system in good shape.

19- Should I Buy or borrow against a Solar Loan?

You can purchase your solar panel system outright if you have cash or can take out a personal or home equity loan.

Cash Purchase – Pay in full up front or finance it yourself using a personal or home equity line of credit. If eligible, you can apply for federal and state solar energy tax rebates.

Solar Loan CentroLoan offers you the ability to own the solar system and pay for it over time.  Get the most competitive rate you qualify for through our network of lending partners.

20- Should I Buy or Lease Solar Panels?

To buy or lease solar panels, is a common question and there is no right or wrong answer to this.  The answer on which option is better is often times is – it depends.   It really depends entirely on where you live, as well as what your energy and financial requirements are.  With that said, let’s look closer at each option and what they each offer:

Buying solar panels offers:

  • Access to all the state-sponsored rebates, incentives,30% Solar Income Tax Credit, and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), which can save you a lot of money over the life of the solar panels,
  • No monthly payments for the solar, and a lock on long-term energy costs.
  • On the other hand, you can lease solar panels for little or even zero down, and since your lease repayment will most likely be less than what you pay to your power utility each month, you start saving money from the start.


Leasing solar panels offers: 

  • Minimal money upfront or zero down (PPA),
  • A fixed monthly amount to company that owns and maintains your system, and the total of your lease payment plus remaining power bill could be less than your previous electric bill, depending on your energy usage.
  • Not to mention, the upkeep of the system becomes the company’s responsibility in a lease. However, as you do not own the solar power system in a leasing agreement, the financial incentives get passed to the solar power company. These savings are ultimately passed through to the customer in the former of a lower rate (PPA), lease payment (Lease) or upfront cost (Pre-Paid lease).

21- Are Centrosolar systems covered under warranty?

Absolutley! All Centrosolar PV systems are warranted for 25 years.


1- What is the warranty on your solar modules?

All Centrosolar modules carry a 25 year linear power warranty.

2- Where are Centrosolar panels manufactured?

Centrosolar panels are manufactured in the US, Asia and Europe.

3- How do I become a Centrosolar installer?

Becoming a Centrosolar installer is simple. If you are interested in becoming a Centrosolar installer, please contact one of our sales professionals by calling our main office at 877.348.2555 or emailing us at info@centrosolar.com

4- What are the requirements to become an installer?

Centrosolar requires all dealers to possess a resale certificate as well as good standing with the state registry of contractors and/or Better Business Bureau. Specific programs and services offered by Centrosolar may have additional requirements.  Please contact Centrosolar for more information.

5- Do I have to purchase minimum quantities?

Centrosolar will ship only full pallet quantities from select regional distribution facilities, with minimum purchase of one container (28-30 pallets to one container). Smaller quantities can also be shipped for a nominal fee.  Call us today and learn how we can create customized solutions to help you grow your solar installation business.

6- Do you ship product outside of the US/internationally?

Yes, Centrosolar can ship to locations outside of the United States – and most often times, we are able to ship solar panels on demand.

7- Do you carry other product outside of solar modules?

Yes, Centrosolar also carries inverters and mounting products that can be packaged with modules as kits.

8- How long will it take for my solar panels to arrive?

If product is in stock we can ship as early as next day.  If its not in stock, your sales professional will advise you of shipping time.  If you order a container, we can store the entire container, (consisting of 28-30 pallets) at a local distribution center, and you may access product as needed.  This is a great solution if you know what your product needs are going to be.  And there is a cost savings if you order container size shipments. Call us today to learn more.

9- Can I become an exclusive solar installer?

Yes! Centrosolar will offer market exclusivity to our installer partners in select locations with minimum volume requirements.

10- What is your solar PV module supply like?

We’re a just in time manufacturer, our deliveries are tailored to our customer’s forecasted need. Our annual capacity is in excess of 500MW.  – it is unlimited with lead time.

11- What do your solar PV panels look like?

If architectural aesthetics are a concern, Centrosolar offers a triple black mono-crystalline panel that is available in standard and high efficiency models. The black panel blends aesthetically with the roof.

12- Do you require a minimum order?

One pallet. 26 panels for Asian product and 30 panels for US product.

13- Do you have a maximum order limit?

There is no limit.

14- How efficient are Centrosolar’s panels?

Centrosolar offers standard efficiency and high efficiency panels.

15- Why should I choose Centrosolar for my solar PV needs?

Centrosolar manufactures one of the highest quality product in the market, at competitive pricing. We are financially sound, can provide kits and financing for residential projects, and can deliver product to the construction site exactly when needed.

16- What is your pricing on modules?

Centrosolar’s pricing is market competitive. We manufacture product in the US, Asia and Europe, enabling us to tune our product offering to your budget and project needs.

17- What panel type is most efficient?

Monocrystalline panels that incorporate PERC cells, such as the Centrosolar High Efficiency series are the more efficient and provide excellent value.

18- How can you help me grow my solar business?

Centrosolar has a customized lead generation network, and can provide you with market focused and qualified leads.  Centrosolar also offers financing options to help you purchase large quantity of solar PV panels and product.

19- Does Centrosolar offer residential financing?

Yes, we offer a financing platform to select partners including a 12 and 20 year-term loan with fees as low as 5%.

20- Does Centrosolar offer commercial financing?

Yes, we have commercial financing as low as $25,000 for select projects on approved credit.

21- What type of financing terms does Centrosolar offer?

Our CentroLoan product offers terms of 12 and 20 years.

22- What is the minimum FICO score required?

Minimum score needed is 680 and above.

23- What are the dealer fees?

They are as low as 5%.

24- What are the interest rates?

They are determined by your FICO score.

25- How fast is credit approval?

Most often times, we are able to obtain instant credit approval.

26- How much does a home owner have to put down?

A homeowner can go solar with zero down.

27- How fast will I get paid?

Staged funding allows for 20% to be paid with work order on some loans.

28- Can I use financing for a ground mount?

Centrosolar can provide financing for ground mount systems as well as roof top.

29- What financing options are available through CentroSolar for homeowners?

CentroSolar has established relationships with a host of lenders and third party owners.  The facilitated financings cover loans and PPAs:

  • Loans – secured and unsecured
  • PPAs – offered in select high cost markets
  • Leases – safe harbored and tax equity funding based

30- Does Centrosolar offer installers payment terms?

Terms are available on approval of credit.

And the winner is …Centrosolar!

There is no higher honor and compliment than to be recognized by independent associations for the work that we love to do every day. Centrosolar is proud that our company, executives and products have won awards for our green technology innovations and environmental leadership. Here are just some of the awards we’ve received to date:

EuPD Research Top Brand PV Modules USA 2016

Centrosolar’s all U.S. made, B-Series module, has been selected as one of the Top 20 products by Solar Power World 2015

Centrosolar Ranked #2 Solar PV Company 
The Best Solar Panels of 2016 Guide
By Reviews.com

Best of the United States 2016 Honorees
By usbuildersreview.com

Storage Champion Powered By IBESA

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