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We’ve Moved Announcement Final

We are excited to announce that our headquarters have moved to a new location.  We are still in Scottsdale, Arizona, just a stone’s throw away from our previous space. Above is a picture that shows our new office building.  Below is a photo of the inside of our new space.  We are excited about the […]

How Will Global Warming Affect The Environment?

The planet is becoming warmer and warmer.  Since 1906 the global average surface temperature has increased between 1.1 and 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit (0.6 to 0.9 degrees Celsius) even more in sensitive Polar Regions. The effects of rising temperatures aren’t waiting for some far off future; signs of the effects of global warming are appearing right […]

Do Solar Panels Still Work in Snowy Conditions?

This is a question that comes up often: “Will my solar panels continue to generate energy, even when it snows?”  The simple answer to that is YES! Solar panels still work in snowy conditions. As a matter of fact, cold sunny weather is actually good for panels.  During the winter months, solar production is equally […]

Ten Ways to Turn Your House into an Energy Efficient Home

Energy costs are on the rise, and the consequences of decades of burning fossil fuels that release greenhouse gasses are affecting our weather and endangering our own existence. This tragic scenario has the potential to become even worse, but there are things you can do to help preserve our planet. One of the best ways […]

Maintaining Your Solar PV System

Safety Considerations Wear rubber sole shoes with good traction to prevent slips and falls. Never walk on the modules. Use non-conductive extended reach broom and hose handles to reach modules. A lift may be needed to access the array. Follow aerial lift safety procedures, including wearing a harness if required. Checklist before Washing Walk the […]

Choosing a Solar PV System for Your Home

Identify the household energy demand and household owner’s budget for an installation of photovoltaic energy system. Evaluate the past bills and identify the system size. If there is no previous data, then estimate the connected load (kW) and determine the average annual energy consumption (kWh). This will lead to the estimation of proper system size. […]

Steps Involved in Solar Photovoltaic System Installation

Energy generation from solar photovoltaic is rapidly expanding. Part of this exponential growth is attributed to government policies that have been implemented around world, promoting incentives and other programs for solar power proliferation. In the last decade, the solar industry has experienced a compounded annual growth rate of 60%. And since 2010, in the US, […]

America’s Next President and Climate Change

The Future of US Emissions will Depend on the Next President   While the US is destined for a tectonic shift in its energy landscape under either prospective president, new analysis from Lux Research suggests that Trump’s policies would leave emissions 16% higher after two terms than Clinton’s.   The Republican nominee has been vocal about […]

Newsletter Jul 2016 – Solar energy is the most abundantly available

Generation of clean energy is one of the main challenges of the 21st century. Solar energy is the most abundantly available renewable energy source which could be supplying more than 50% of the global electricity demand in 2100. Technological advancements in solar module manufacturing components have led to predictions that power generated using solar would […]

Interview with Ram Akella on Solar Securitization

Special thanks to Green Tech Media www.greentechmedia.com Talking Solar Securitization With Centrosolar Are solar-backed securities the next step for financing or the seeds of a crisis? Citigroup (NYSE: C), Credit Suisse (NYSE: ADR), Citigroup, and other financial architects are reportedly working on the securitization of leases held by third parties on residential and commercial solar […]